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Sidar Fundation offers to developers and designers community, and public in general; free of charge, this tool to simplify the manual revision of page and websites´ accesibility.

HERA´s been designed and developed by Carlos Benavídez, with the contribution from Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo and Charles McCathieNevile, specially for Sidar Fundation.

English translation has been in charge of:

Portuguese translation has been in charge of:

Where does HERA name come from? At the beginning of 2003, Sidar Fundation launched Edipo, a tool for personal stylesheet creation and, already in that moment, we thought about a "sister" utility based in stylesheet application to simplify the review of accessibility. As Edipo is a mythological character, we looked for a similar name for this new aplication and we decided for HERA, which besides being the name of another femenine character, conforms the acronym for: "Hojas de Estilo para la Revisión de la Accesibilidad." (Accesibility Revision StyleSheets)

Objetive and functionality

HERA´s objetive is to simplify the work of those who wish or have the mission of reviewing the accesibility of a page or a web site. A review can never be complete without a manual review. Automatic review tools can only detect determined elements and attributes bat cannot ensure they´re properly used. Therefore, it´s indispensable a human´s participation in order to check the elements and attributes that cannot be automaticaly validated and if Accessibility Guidelines are being properly applied.

HERA simplifies the error location on pages, applying a stylesheet specially created for that purpouse, and offers help indicating what to take a look at about the revision of checkpoint´s application. facilita al revisor la localización de errores en las páginas, aplicándoles unos hojas de estilo especialmente creadas para ello, y le ofrece ayuda indicándole qué es lo que tiene que observar respecto al punto de control cuya aplicación está revisando.

In HERA´s help, you´ll find detailed information about how it works.

Help us

As all Sidar Fundation projects, HERA is an open source application, and anyone is able to collaborate with it.

To collaborate with HERA development, you just have to get in contact with Developers Team by sending a message to: hera@sidar.org.

Besidas, we encourage those who use HERA to declare in their pages, personal or profesional, having used it. This way it will diffuse faster, what will help information society to increase it´s quality and accessibility.

Declare the use of HERA

To declare HERA has been applied in the validation of a page or web site, you just have to put this code wherever you wish:

<a href="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/" title=""HERA home"> <img src="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/img/revhera.gif" alt="Validated with HERA." longdesc="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/descip.htm/#revhera" /></a>

This icon will be shown: Validated with HERA.

Offer HERA from your web site

To offer your visitors and users from any website the chance of using HERA directly from it, you just have to put this HTML code wherever you consider proper:

<form action="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/hera.php" method="post">
<fieldset title="Validate page with HERA.">

Validate your page with<a title="HERA home page." href="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/">
<img src="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/img/genhera.gif" alt="HERA." /> HERA</a>.

<label title="Name of reviewer." for="autor">Name of Reviewer(optional) 
<input type="text" name="autor" id="autor" value="Your name" size="35" /></label>

<label for="url3" title="Write the URL of the page you wish to validate with HERA.">
URL: <input type="text" name="url" id="url3" value="http://" size="25" /></label>

<p><strong>Sort checkpoints by</strong>:</p>

<label><input type="radio" name="ord" value="Numbering" 
title="Numerical order." checked="checked" /> Numbering</label> |
<label><input type="radio" name="ord" value="Elements" 
title="Grouped by element types." /> Elements</label> |
<label><input type="radio" name="ord" value="P1" 
title="Priority 1." /> Priority 1</label> |
<label><input type="radio" name="ord" value="P2" 
title="Priority 2." /> Priority 2</label> |
<label><input type="radio" name="ord" value="P3" 
title="Priority 3." /> Priority 3</label>

<input type="hidden" name="idioma" value="en" />
<input type="image" name="btns" value="Startr" 
src="http://www.sidar.org/ex_hera/img/revihera.gif" alt="Validate with HERA" />


This will appear in your page:

Validate your page withHERA. HERA.

Sort checkpoints by:

| |
| |

Ofrecer HERA-XP desde su sitio Web

También puede ofrecer a los visitantes y usarios de cualquier sitio Web la posibilidad de utilizar, directamente desde allí, HERA-XP, la versión simplificada de HERA. Basta con colocar el siguiente código en el lugar donde se considere oportuno:

Aparecerá entonces en la página de la siguiente manera:

Revise su página con HERA. HERA-XP.

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