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HERA: Cascading Style Sheets for Accessibility Review

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Note: Stylesheets used by Hera are developed with Opera 7.23 for Windows. It is possible that other navigators don´t support properly some of these stylesheets. We recommend installing Opera to get the highest performance of HERA.

Do you only want to check a few points? Use: HERA-XP

What is HERA?

HERA is a utiliy for designers and developers who want to manually check the accesibility of their websites or to verify any Internet page. HERA aids with the revision of checkpoints from Web Content Accesibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0).

To review some of these Checkpoints, HERA applies a series of stylesheets created by the Sidar Foundation to the page being tested. These revision styles identify and highlight elements that have to be reviewed, avoiding the complex work of analysing the HTML source.

Where it is not possible to apply a stylesheet to made the work easier, HERA gives some instructions for steps to be performed to check accessibility. It also allows to take note of the results of revision and to generate a final report with these results.

Important: This data is stored in Sidar´s database for 10 (ten) days from the last registry. If you interrupt your work and then restart it using the same data (name and URL) you´ll be able, in that period, to recover the information saved so far.

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