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Research Unit ACCESO

Símbolo de Accesibilidad a la Red para Personas con DiscapacidadD

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Disability, Technology and EducationPresentation

Unidad de Investigacion ACCESO (Research Unit ACCESO) was created in 1994. It belongs to the Department of Educational and Evolutive Psychology of the University of Valencia E.G in Spain.

ACCESO participates in projects where the information and communication technologies are applied to the development and education of people with physical and/or sensorial disabilities.

ACCESO is formed by a group of people with different professional backgrounds (psychologists, pedagogues, engineers...) that evolves along time to accommodate to the needs of the projects being carried out each year.

We use the technology to compensate the disability caused by the person physical impairment in the process of education/learning. For this purpose we use a group of tools named Assistive Technologies, especially the ones based in all New Technologies.

Therefore, ACCESO focus is placed on projects where these three main areas appear in combination: DISABILITY, TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION.

Main working lines

The activities of development, research and education projects carried out by ACCESO are divided into the following working lines:

  1. Educational and social-labour integration of disabled people
  2. Assistive Technologies
  3. Psycho-educational evaluation
  4. Teletraining and web accessibility

Educational and social-labour integration of disabled people

ACCESO is committed to the objective of elimination of all barriers that, in one way or another, make difficult the education and/or the labour market integration of disabled people.

During 1998-1999 ACCESO is engaged in Acceso25 project: Social-Labour Promotion of People with Physical and Sensorial Disabilities through Access to Higher Education.

As part of our transnational activity in this project we participate in ATIN network. A prospective Web Accessibility Study has been carried out to research about the conditions that web pages must fulfil, so that they can be accessed without problems by all kind of users, including people with disabilities.

During 1995-1997 Universitat de Valencia E.G. was the leader, through the R.U.ACCESO, of UNICHANCE project: Plan for Social-Labour Integration of University Students and Graduates with Physical and Sensorial Disabilities. 

UNICHANCE and ACCESO25 were co-financed by European Social Fund HORIZON Chapter of the Employment Initiative.

From 1998, ACCESO provides technical support to the Counselling Service for Disabled Students of the University of Valencia EG created on that year.

Assistive Technologies

Bearing in mind all the problems arisen from the introduction of computers and other assistive technologies in the educative system, we carry on several actions to improve the use and understanding of these tools in the educational environment.

We perform training activities consisting in the organisation of postgraduate courses of different kinds. Each academic year we present a wide offer of these courses for graduates and professionals working in this field.

Besides, an agreement has been signed with the Regional Government Body (Conselleria) for Culture, Education and Science for the Counselling of schools in the use of information technology for students with special educative needs. This agreement was initially signed in 1995 and it currently continues.

Psycho-educational evaluation

R.U. ACCESO has developed a computer assisted system for the creation of psycho-technical tests adapted for people with motoric and visual disabilities: SEA, Sistema de Evaluación Asistida (Assisted Evaluation System).

ACCESO has also participated in the development of SAVI-C: Vocational Counselling Computer System for the Blind.

Teletraining and web accessibility

This is the newest working line in ACCESO. We study the use of Computer Assisted Training and Web Based Training for disabled users, from the perspective of the training tool as well as the accessibility of this new media. We published in 1998 the first report in Spanish about web accessibility for disabled people.

Contact us:

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E-mail: uiacceso@acceso2.uv.es
URL: http://acceso.uv.es/
Tel: +34-963.864.135
Fax: +34-963.864.758
Postal address:
Unidad de Investigacion ACCESO
C/Artes Graficas 13
46010 Valencia

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