Here, SAMI is used to synchronize text highlighting with the base media. This requies 3 elements:
  1. An HTML document with phrases bounded by <Span> tags with unique ID values (see SAMI_Scrpt.dat in the Media folder).
  2. The SAMI document contains <SpanID=##> tags that identify the Span to be highlighted (see <SpanID=##> in SAMI_Demo.smi in the Media folder).
  3. Mix these together with a little scripting and the Windows Media Player and you have synchronized text highlighting. Press Shft+F10, V, to view the source code of this page.
Highlighting. You will notice a style sheet in SAMI_Scrpt.dat. One of the class styles is HightLight. To highlight, we use one line of script to change the class of the appropriate <Span> to 'HighLight'. To reverse it, we set the class to null.
DHTML. Dynamic HTML is also featured in this demo. Besides being used to highlight the text, you can change the look and feel of the text. You can change the size of the text by clicking on the 'Font Size' button or pressing Alt+Z. You can change the font type by clicking on the 'Font' button or pressing Alt+O.
Standard Font Size
Other Demos:
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