With SAMI, the media file and the SAMI caption document can remain separate. The Windows Media Player synchronizes the two to produce a captioned presentation. Below is a representation of this process where the Windows Media Player reads in the media file (SAMI_Demo.avi) and the SAMI document (SAMI_Demo.smi). In this case, the caption window is to the right of the embedded Windows Media Player. When you start the Windows Media Player, you will notice that the two files are being scrolled upward to schematically illustrate how the process takes place. This entire demonstration highlights what is possible when the Web author combines SAMI, Internet Explorer's Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and a few lines of script (VB or Java).
Note: These demos will not display correctly if your System Display Font Size is set to 'Large' (See Display Control Panel, Settings tab, Advanced properties).
The Source ID (top descriptive line) and Captions above are produced when Microsoft Media Player (left) synchronizes an audio/video file with a SAMI document (below).
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